How To Download Facebook Videos

Facebook is full of videos. There are educational videos that teach you how to code or garden, and addicting, useless 5-minute craft videos. You can also see fake videos where people catch their partners cheating, and even footage of aliens being caught on camera. Video content on Facebook is available if there is a desire for it.

You can share the video by copying the link and sending it to a friend or DMing it through the app. Although you can save the video, it doesn’t save it to your phone’s hard drive. Instead, it adds it to your saved video bookmarks, so that you can easily find it and then watch it on Facebook. Sometimes, however, a video is just too valuable or useful to not save onto your phone. Perhaps you want to share it with a parent or have access offline. You will need to follow a few steps to download a Facebook video.

Before we begin, you need to be cautious before downloading any video. It is not a good idea to download any copyrighted content. If you wish to download a friend’s privately uploaded video on Facebook you should ask them first before downloading. Maybe they will just send it to your address.

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